Avoid These 3 HVAC Thermostat Mistakes in Big Stone Gap, VA

Your thermostat acts as a link between your indoor environment and the HVAC system. It communicates your household temperature needs to the air conditioner or heater. Using the device incorrectly affects the HVAC system’s operation and your comfort. Learn about these common HVAC thermostat mistakes made in Big Stone Gap, VA, and how to avoid them:

Bad Location

Your thermostat reads the current indoor temperature and instructs the HVAC system to start a heating or cooling cycle to bring it to your preferred levels. Where you install the device has a significant influence on your indoor comfort and its accuracy.

When you install your thermostat near vents, windows, doors or heat-generating appliances, it detects various temperatures. As a result, it sends incorrect instructions to the HVAC system, causing it to short cycle or run longer than needed.

Short-cycling or longer cycles result in increased energy bills and accelerated wear and tear of your system’s components. Consider installing the device in a central location such as a living room.

Cranking Up the HVAC Thermostat

When you walk into a freezing indoor environment, your first thought may be to warm your living space quickly. Most homeowners crank up the thermostat, hoping to warm their house faster.

However, cranking up the thermostat doesn’t increase your HVAC system’s rate of heating your house. Instead, the system works for a longer period than usual, increasing strain on it.

This translates to an increased chance of break downs and repair costs. The best course of action is to input your usual temperature.

Failing to Read the Manual

Like most appliances, your thermostat comes with a manual. You’ll miss details regarding using your thermostat efficiently if you don’t review the manual. It guides you in troubleshooting minor problems, creating a new heating schedule and overriding the thermostat if needed.

We have the tools and expertise to solve all your heating and cooling issues. Contact Mid Mountain Heating & Cooling for exceptional HVAC repair services in Big Stone Gap, VA.

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