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There’s nothing more miserable than coming home to a cold house at night or waking up to one in the morning. Minor problems can grow much worse long before your breath starts fogging indoors, so schedule routine heating repair services. Mid Mountain Heating & Cooling is a family-owned business and Trane Comfort Specialist. Founded in 1988, we have decades of experience providing quality furnace repair services.

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Emergency Electric Furnace Repairs in Big Stone Gap, VA

Issues with electric furnaces are tricky to diagnose because there are so many possible causes. That one loose wire that’s causing all the trouble is sometimes hard to find. A fuse put in by an amateur at installation could be way too small for your furnace’s capacity. The sequencer’s job is to prevent all the heating elements from coming on at once and overloading the electrical panel. An overworked sequencer shuts down heating altogether. A failed transformer, faulty capacitor or blown blower motor could be to blame.

In short, aside from regularly changing your air filters like a good homeowner, electric furnace troubleshooting is not a do-it-yourself project. The NATE-certified service technicians at Mid Mountain Heating & Cooling are available around the clock.

Emergency Gas Furnace Repairs in Big Stone Gap, VA

First of all, if you still have a furnace with a standing pilot light, you’re probably way too cold and spending way too much on your gas bill. Models that old are far less efficient than their modern counterparts.

New furnaces have either electronic intermittent pilot lights or hot surface ignition systems. When either fails to create a spark, the furnace’s safety features prevent the burners from coming on. It’s a good thing they do. However, these thin metal igniters don’t last forever. Computer boards go kaput. Burners get dirty or require adjustment. Blower belts and the blowers themselves give out. These headaches can be avoided with regular maintenance. Mid Mountain Heating & Cooling provides heater maintenance service.

Emergency Boiler Repairs in Big Stone Gap, VA

Aside from their ignition systems, boilers don’t work anything like forced-air HVAC equipment. They’re highly complex, but they’re also highly durable and need less maintenance than furnaces. They’re so reliable that home and business owners get a little freaked out when something goes wrong.

The greatest source of angst is a problem the industry defines as kettling. Minerals accumulate in hard water and restrict water flow through the heat exchanger. The trapped water eventually evaporates, and steam buildup in the pipe puts tremendous pressure on the heat exchanger. The loud rumbling sound, like a boiling kettle, convinces homeowners that the house is either haunted or seconds away from exploding. Neither scenario is likely, but kettling can result in boiler corrosion and dangerous leaks.

To schedule a heater repair or heating maintenance in Appalachia, Big Stone Gap, Coeburn, East Stone Gap, Norton, Pennington Gap, Pound, Saint Paul, Wise or the surrounding areas, contact us right away. Rest assured our employees must all pass background checks and drug tests.

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