Heat Pump System

Should You Ditch Your Furnace and Upgrade to a Heat Pump System?

January 26, 2022

Have you thought about upgrading your heating system? Thanks to new technology, you have more options than a traditional HVAC system. If you want cheaper utility bills and less equipment to maintain, consider installing a heat pump system in your Norton, VA, home.

Heat Pumps Deliver Superior Efficiency

Do you want to pay less to heat your home? A heat pump installation gets you one step closer. Unlike traditional furnaces, heat pumps don’t generate heat. The heat pump takes the outside air and transfers it inside your home. The pump uses less energy, which means you pay less to heat your home.

Save Money All Year

The energy savings continue all year long, too. A heat pump doesn’t only heat your home. It’s also a great system for keeping your home cool in the summer. During the warm, humid summers, the heat pump removes hot air from the house and transfers it outside. The unit is a heater and an air conditioner, making it an all-in-one solution for residential climate control.

Heat Pumps Work Great with Smart Thermostats

The heat pump’s efficiency increases when used with a smart thermostat. Set your programmable thermostat according to your household preferences, and the two devices work together to deliver superior heating and cooling.

Don’t Forget to Maintain Your Heat Pump

Heat pumps offer many advantages, especially reduced energy costs. But don’t forget to maintain your new heat pump system. Although heat pumps don’t have as many moving parts as combustible heating systems, their two-in-one design means they do a lot of work. When switching from a furnace to a heat pump, don’t forget to make twice-a-year maintenance a priority.

Ready to learn more about the advantages of installing a heat pump system? Want to know if this upgrade is the right choice for your home and budget? Call Mid Mountain Heating & Cooling to learn more today!

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