Replace Heat Pump

Figuring Out If It’s Time to Repair or Replace Your Heat Pump

April 15, 2021

Efficient heat pumps provide reliable heating and cooling all year. Replacing your heat pump is a significant investment that requires proper financial planning. Here are three warning signs that you should replace rather than repair the heat pump in your Norton, VA, house:

Old Age

Firstly, well-maintained heat pumps provide proper heat transfer for up to 15 years. Older systems require additional effort and pressure to regulate the temperature. Their hardware components experience rapid wear, causing frequent malfunctions.

If your heat pump is nearing 15 years of age, replacing it will minimize indoor comfort disruptions. Organizing routine maintenance keeps all parts in great shape, prolonging your system’s operational life.

Noisy Running

Typical heat pump noises include mild buzzing or whirring. When these noises get louder, you should have an HVAC specialist check your system.

Gurgling sounds occur when your heat pump is running low on refrigerant. Loud metallic sounds arise from loose internal parts. Consistently noisy operation can destroy the heat pump components.

An HVAC specialist will inspect the refrigerant lines for any evidence of leaks and broken joints. In case of irreversible damage, our service technicians can provide advice for purchasing a new heat pump for your home.

Reduced Cooling

Finally, if your heat pump doesn’t satisfy your house’s cooling needs, you should schedule an appointment with an HVAC expert. Factors that impede a heat pump’s performance include worn-out parts and old age. Other reasons for imbalanced heat transfer include dust collection along the heat pump’s interior structure.

Installing a new heat pump is an effective solution to drive efficient airflow in all your rooms. Modern heat pumps create balanced temperature control.

Contact our team at Mid Mountain Heating & Cooling for heat pump installation and maintenance services. We deliver professional tune-up services to ensure that your heat pump remains efficient all year.

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