Heat Pump Noises

4 Heat Pump Noises That Spell Trouble in Big Stone Gap, VA

March 19, 2022

Heat pumps should provide you with quiet heating and cooling when they operate as they should. It’s usual to notice some noises when turning on the heat pump or when it’s operating, but they shouldn’t be loud and unusual. Here are some sounds that may signify the need for heat pump repair in Big Stone Gap, VA:


Squealing sounds from a heat pump may signify an issue with its screw compressors. Hire a professional to inspect the system if it produces loud squealing noises. It’s possible that the motor is failing or the compressor is exerting too much pressure on the refrigerant.


A loud metal banging sound could signal a faulty fan, loose heat pump components or foreign objects like ice. The best thing is to turn off the system when you hear a metal banging sound as you wait for a heating repair pro to fix it. The expert inspects your heat pump and repairs it to protect the motor, fan and other components.


Heat pumps produce humming sounds as they operate, but they shouldn’t be loud or annoying. If the humming noise originates from the inside, it could signify an electrical problem. An inoperable fan motor and a faulty component could also cause humming sounds.


It’s normal for a heat pump to produce clicking noises after it starts. Call a heating professional for inspection and repairs if you hear the clicking sound all through the heating or cooling cycle. The capacitor could have an issue, causing it to switch on the motor.

Please avoid postponing repairs once you notice these unusual heat pump noises. With routine maintenance, you can avoid most heat pump issues, and our service technicians are always ready to help. Call Mid Mountain Heating & Cooling today for affordable installation, repair or maintenance of your heat pumps.

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