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Is Your HVAC Thermostat Beyond Repair in Pound, VA?

February 11, 2023

If you have climate control problems at home, the issue might not be your HVAC system but the thermostat. This is because the thermostat communicates with the unit to help meet the set temperatures. Below are indications that you require a new HVAC thermostat in Pound, VA.

Significant Increase in Energy Bills

As a homeowner, you always seek ways to lower utility bills. A faulty HVAC thermostat leads to system inefficiency and higher energy consumption. When it gives the wrong readings, the system has to overwork to meet your heating and cooling needs.

If you notice unexplainably high energy bills, seek the services of an HVAC expert to determine the source of the problem. If the issue persists even after repairs, acquiring a new HVAC thermostat will help lower your energy expenses.

The HVAC Thermostat Gives Incorrect Readings

The wrong temperature displayed shows that the thermostat is defective. Accordingly, the unit won’t heat or cool your home efficiently. Reach out to a service technician to determine whether repairs can solve the problem or if installing a new thermostat is inevitable.

Your HVAC System Doesn’t Turn On

Normally, you can turn on the unit from the thermostat. Changing from cooling to heating and vice versa is also possible. If you can’t achieve this, the thermostat has issues.

If the system can’t respond to the changes, you’ll have problems maintaining comfort in the house. You’ll need to install a new thermostat.

You Notice Frequent Temperature Shifts

Does the temperature in your home keep fluctuating? Then there may be an issue with the thermostat. It could have a problem maintaining the set temperature.

Are you searching for a reliable HVAC company with a good reputation and extensive experience? Look no further than Mid Mountain Heating & Cooling for thermostat installation and other HVAC needs in Pound, VA, and the neighboring cities.

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