Need New Heating Installation?

Do You Need a New Heating Installation Before Winter

September 24, 2021

As the leaves change color and the outdoor temperature begins to dip, you’ll start operating your heating system for warmth. But is your furnace ready to handle the upcoming workload without wasting energy and money? Investing in a new heating installation before winter will help you stay comfortable in a cost-effective way without stress.

Heater is Past Its Prime

Is your heating system more than 10 years old? If your furnace is approaching this age, now’s the time to start saving for a new heating installation. The sooner you start saving, the lower your risk of being blindsided by a breakdown that requires a complete replacement that costs thousands. That’s an unexpected expense you can avoid.

Frequent Heater Repairs

Did you schedule several heater repairs last winter? Some issues are normal and require repairs from time to time. But if your heating system has broken down multiple times in the last few years, it’s probably more cost-effective to invest in a new heating installation rather than pay for additional repairs. Put your money where it makes the most difference.

Higher Home Heating Bills

Speaking of money, are you paying more to heat your home? If there hasn’t been an energy rate hike in the area, chances are your heating system is consuming more power than needed to heat your home. Compare last year’s heating bills with prior years. If you’ve paid significantly more for home heating, it’s time to consider a new heating installation.

Schedule a New Heating Installation

Do you want to take advantage of the most energy-efficient heating systems available? What might seem like an expense can turn into an investment that pays you back with lower energy and repair costs through the next decade. Contact Mid Mountain Heating & Cooling today to learn about our selection of heaters and which will best suit your home’s comfort demands.

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