Should Water Come out of My Ductless AC System in Norton, VA?

Sudden water leaks are nearly universal signs of trouble for any type of HVAC system, and ductless mini-splits are no exception. Knowing why such leaks happen may put homeowners in Norton, VA, into a better position to deal with them. Here are a few reasons your ductless AC system may have started leaking:

Dirty Filters

In addition to affecting your indoor air quality, dirty air filters may also cause your mini-split AC system to start leaking. If you don’t clean each of the system’s filters about once every few weeks, dirt and other debris may accumulate on the filters to such an extent as to block airflow.

Once that happens, the warm refrigerant won’t come into as much contact with your system’s coils, compressor and other parts as previously, increasing the likelihood that any lingering condensation in these areas will freeze. Once the system enters defrost mode or starts up again, that ice will melt. The resulting water will leak out of the ductless AC system.

Cracks in Your Condensate Pan

Your mini-split AC system has a process to safely and effectively remove condensate. One of the stages involves depositing accumulated condensate into a designated drain pan. However, if that pan cracks or breaks in any way, that water may leak onto the floor.

Drain Line Blockages

Perhaps the most serious reason for a water leak from a mini-split AC system involves blockages in its drain line. As time passes, various kinds of debris may accumulate inside the line, eventually causing an issue where water can no longer flow through it and spills over instead. This is serious because cleaning or replacing the line, while possible, isn’t easy.

When water leaks from a mini-split AC system, it’s a sign to homeowners that they must take action right away. Call Mid Mountain Heating & Cooling and request ductless AC repair services in Norton, VA.

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