5 Signs of a Cracked Furnace Heat Exchanger in Big Stone Gap, VA

Have you noticed significant temperature changes in any part of your Big Stone Gap, VA, house? It could be an indication of a cracked heat exchanger in your furnace. If you have a cracked heat exchanger, you’ll need to repair it right away. Below are signs of cracked furnace heat exchanger:

Produces Soot

If you notice black soot all over the fan blades, it might be an indication that there are cracks in the furnace. This type of buildup is very hazardous because it might lead to a fire outbreak. You need to have your heat exchanger checked if you notice this problem.

Makes Loud Noises

Another sign of a cracked heat exchanger in your furnace is if you hear a series of loud noises while the system is still running. These loud noises would sound as if something is dragging across the rust-out parts of the furnace. The noise will continue until your furnace shuts off.

Unusual Smell in Your House

If you smell an unusual smell in the air in your house, bedroom or near windows that aren’t open, it may be caused by the air blowing out of your furnace. A cracked heat exchanger can cause poor indoor air quality and unpleasant smells.

Uneven Heating

If you feel that the heating in your house is uneven, there’s a chance that your furnace’s heat exchanger has cracked. When this happens, the blower motor will run longer to ensure all parts of the house receive a certain amount of heat.

Change in the Flame Appearance

A change in the appearance of the flame coming from your furnace is another sign of a cracked heat exchanger. The flame will burn a faint blue.

You need to check your furnace if you notice any of these signs. This is because it could lead to a serious fire outbreak and impact your well-being. If you have a cracked heat exchanger, call Mid Mountain Heating & Cooling so that you can get your furnace tested and repaired before something really goes wrong.

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