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Sounds That Signal the Need for an AC Repair

August 13, 2022

The summer in Big Stone Gap, VA, has been hot. To beat the heat and stay cool, you’ve depended on your air conditioner to deliver cold air around the clock. The added strain your AC system has experienced might lead it to make unusual noises. Read on to learn five sounds that signal the need for you to schedule an AC repair.


Do you hear your air conditioner rattling while operating? If so, your AC system’s compressor might be malfunctioning. It’s also possible that parts inside the air conditioner have loosened. If you hear rattling when the AC system’s blower is operating, turn it and call a professional air conditioning repair expert right away.


Malfunctioning belts and motors usually cause squealing noises in air conditioners. The good news is that replacing a squealing belt or lubricating the motor is relatively easy and inexpensive. An AC repair expert can help.


If you hear your air conditioner producing a grinding noise, it likely means there’s a worn-out bearing in the system. This will cause the fan motor to malfunction. If you suspect this problem, turn the AC system off and schedule a repair.


Whistling sounds signal a leak somewhere in your air conditioner. Perhaps a duct has a hole, or maybe you have a refrigerant leak. Handling AC refrigerant yourself is dangerous. You should always seek professional help when repairing and recharging the refrigerant. Schedule an air conditioning repair to find and fix the issue.


Problems with your air conditioner’s electrical components cause buzzing noises. While a low humming is normal when your AC system is operating, loud buzzing indicates the need to schedule a repair in your Big Stone Gap, VA, home.

Is your air conditioner making weird noises? Contact Mid Mountain Heating & Cooling to schedule a fast and friendly AC repair immediately. You can trust us to diagnose your air conditioner and repair it with the utmost care.

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