Symptoms of an Inefficient Furnace in Fort Blackmore, VA

As temperatures continue to drop in Fort Blackmore, VA, you’ve probably already started using your furnace more. If you’ve noticed a sharp increase in your monthly utility bills, you may have an inefficient furnace. A furnace that’s lost its efficiency capabilities presents with several problems including ineffectiveness, short cycling and other warning signs.

Poor System Performance

If your system runs continuously and doesn’t reach your preferred temperatures, something is amiss. Some common issues that may cause this problem include a clogged air filter, an undersized furnace, ductwork leaks and faulty system components.

Pilot Light is Burning Yellow

If you have a gas furnace rather than an electrical system, its pilot light should burn blue. If it burns yellow or orange, turn it off immediately and schedule heating repairs.

Short-Cycling Furnace

A heating system warms your home in cycles. If the system stops in the middle of a cycle and starts another cycle, there’s an underlying problem that needs a service technician’s attention. Your system can short cycle due to airflow problems, a faulty flame sensor, a malfunctioning ignition system and thermostat issues.

When your system short cycles, some rooms will be warm while others will remain cold. The system will also consume more energy and break down often.

Strange Noises and Odors

While it’s common for your furnace to make a clicking noise when it ignites, the system shouldn’t make a lot of noise during operation. If you notice banging, rattling and clanging noises while your furnace runs, there’s likely something wrong with your system. Additionally, if you notice any strange odors coming from your vents when your furnace runs, there’s probably something amiss.

While sounds and smells don’t lead to inefficiency, they’re typically indicative of a problem. When something in your furnace needs repairing, the system cannot perform efficiently. If you notice strange sounds or odors, allow a professional to diagnose and remedy the issue.

Improving your system’s efficiency restores your family’s comfort and reduces energy costs. Contact Mid Mountain Heating & Cooling for professional heating services whenever you detect any of the above signs.

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