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Troubleshooting Your Heat Pump in Pound, VA

March 21, 2023

You never want to ignore HVAC problems that may affect your indoor comfort or temperature control. While you should always leave HVAC service to the professionals, it doesn’t hurt to learn how to troubleshoot what’s potentially going wrong. Use the following list to get an understanding of why your heat pump isn’t working right in Pound, VA.

Isn’t Running

If your system isn’t running at all, there could be an issue with the thermostat. These devices can’t send the appropriate signals if they’re having trouble reading the temperature correctly. It’s also possible that a circuit tripped and left your heat pump without any power.

Too Noisy

A rattling noise may mean a metal panel has come loose or wasn’t screwed on tight enough. Pinging could just point to thermal expansion, which occurs when the warm air meets the cold ducts. If the heat pump starts making more noise than normal, call for HVAC service to determine the root cause before it impacts the rest of the system.

Not Producing Heat

Homeowners who recently installed a heat pump should be aware that these systems don’t produce heat that’s as hot as the air that comes from furnaces. If there’s only cold air coming out, the heat pump may have started a defrost cycle. Be sure to regularly change your filters and keep your outdoor condenser free of debris.

Running Constantly

Heat pumps that can’t stop running will skyrocket your future utility and HVAC repair costs. This problem usually stems from extreme thermostat settings that your heat pump won’t be able to achieve. There may also be an issue with the air filter or compressor.

Common problems include trouble producing heat, constant running and odd noises. These issues can come from a lack of maintenance, dirty air filters and other malfunctioning components. Call Mid Mountain Heating & Cooling for premium HVAC care in Pound, VA.

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