What’s Making My AC System Short Cycle in Big Stone Gap, VA?

Short cycling has the potential to ruin and destroy your air conditioner in Big Stone Gap, VA. Homeowners need to learn about the causes of short cycling and take steps to stop it. Here are some things that might make your AC system short cycle:

Refrigerant Shortage

Air conditioners rely critically on refrigerants to perform their work. Refrigerant is the substance that makes heat transfer possible.

Refrigerant evaporates and absorbs heat from the air in one area and then condenses and releases that heat into the air in another area. By stripping the air in a given spot of its heat, refrigerant plays an essential role in generating cold air. However, if the AC system loses some of its refrigerant through a leak, it’ll only accomplish this task by working harder.

When an air conditioner steps into overdrive to generate as much cold air as your home needs, it risks overheating. If the AC system overheats severely enough, it may shut down and start up again shortly. Short cycling happens when the system does this before it can complete a proper cooling cycle.

The only way to rectify this is to replace the refrigerant that your system has lost. Since refrigerant is toxic, this is a task fit only for an HVAC service technician, perhaps during maintenance.

AC Thermostat Malfunctions

If your thermostat malfunctions, it may send unnecessary signals to your AC system, triggering short cycling. Have an expert inspect your thermostat to rule out this explanation, especially if the device is over 10 years old.

Excessive Size or Power

If service technicians fail to perform a manual J-load calculation, your AC system may not be the correct size for your space. In that case, your air conditioner may cool your home too quickly, and your thermostat may force it to turn off before it should.

Beware of short cycling. If you notice it, call Mid Mountain Heating & Cooling to schedule AC repair services in Big Stone Gap, VA.

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