Why Furnace Repairs Aren’t DIY Friendly in Norton, VA

You should never attempt furnace repairs in your Norton, VA, home yourself. It’s always best to leave these jobs to professional HVAC service technicians. The following are some of the dangers that result from turning furnace repairs into DIY projects:

Expensive Furnace Repairs

It may be tempting to fix your furnace yourself to save money, but it could result in even higher costs. At times, additional damage can occur, further increasing your expenditures. Rely on a professional HVAC service technician for safety and savings.

Carbon Monoxide Risks

If you don’t repair your furnace properly, you could unknowingly release carbon monoxide into your home. You can’t see or smell this gas but can receive an alert if you have a carbon monoxide detector. Otherwise, you won’t realize there’s a leak until you feel the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, such as dizziness or nausea.

Voided Warranty

Most furnaces come with a warranty when you take advantage of professional heating installation. When you try to fix your furnace yourself, the manufacturer may void the warranty. That means, if something goes wrong while you’re working on it or in the future, the manufacturer could refuse to cover any further necessary furnace repairs and you’ll have to pay for it yourself.

Electrical Dangers

Your furnace has a complex electrical system that requires someone with knowledge and training to work on it. When you attempt DIY heating repairs without that knowledge and training, you’re putting yourself in danger. Bad connections or faulty wiring can result in fires, electrical shocks or further damage to your furnace.

If you’re having difficulties with your furnace, don’t attempt to make the repairs yourself. Our HVAC service technicians can restore your heating system to its fully functioning status without risking your safety. Call Mid Mountain Heating & Cooling to schedule furnace repairs in Norton, VA.

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